EXCERPT- Overture: Joan's Prayer (01:49)

music and text by Justine F. Chen
performed live by Jennifer Zetlan/JEANNE, Steve Beck/piano.

Because of the peculiarity of her path, and her miraculous and awe-inspiring presence, Joan was interviewed and investigated many times so numerous records and recollections of her life are readily accessible.  The three main historical moments relating to her life are the Hundred Years War (1337-1453) - the struggle between the French and the English over the French throne, Joan’s Trial of Condemnation at Rouen (1431)- which ended in her death at the stake, and her Rehabilitation Trial (1455-1456) – in which 115 witnesses, many from the previous trial, and her hometown were interviewed- this resulted in the nullification of the 1431 verdict.  Throughout the opera, we move forwards and backwards on this timeline to fill in the gaps of information.

JEANNE has been performed by NYCO in their VOX 2008 showcase, at the Cornelia Street Café with Composers Collaborative Inc., and in North Carolina with Long Leaf Opera.

For a Q&A about JEANNE for VOX 2008, click here.




OPERA America's Opera Grant for

Female Composers Seven Sisters

So excited to be showcased at OPERA America's BACKSTAGE BRUNCH on 4/17!!.  Join us in empowering women in opera!
Bravi to the beautiful performers of ALT's Concert of BIPOC composers and librettists.  April 10, 2021!!
Had a blast at OPERA America's New Works Forum, SPRING EDITION! See brilliant Greg Emetaz's gorgeous Promo for SEVEN SISTERS
Watch ACF's March 12, chatting with Dameun Strange, Melisa Tien, Or Matthias and Izzi Ramkissoon about SWELL 

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From Carl Dreyer's Jeanne d'arc