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Philomel EXCERPT and interview

Soprano: Abigail Sinclair; Collaborator: Ria Kim

BANFF CENTRE - Evolution: Classical • August 14 8:15 PM ET [streamed online]

Testing 1-2-3, violin & piano

Gamper Music Festival, July 8, 2021 (online)

Russell Iceberg, vn & Stephen Joven-Lee, pno

Bowdoin International Music Festival

Whilst Alexis Lay Press'd (text: John Dryden)

Gabrielle Barkidjija, mezzo; Marika Yasuda, piano

Merola Opera Program, San Francisco,

filmed 07.03.21; premiere 7.30.21

to belong (from SWELL Theater Collective)

SWELL 2021 Online

A Closer Look at SWELL, part 1 June 22, 2021

A Closer Look at SWELL, part 2 June 29, 2021

Asian American Arts Alliance

Click here for the ACF SWELL Roundtable Discussion

March 2021

SWELL Immigrant Theater Collective Work

Seven Sisters EXCERPT "Childless"

text: Stephanie Fleischmann

WINNER 2020 OPERA America Grant for Female Composers

Women's Opera Network, NYC April 17, 2021

Nina Yoshida Nelsen, mezzo-soprano

Timothy Accurso, piano



Gearing up for
my upcoming workshop with Maryland Opera Studio for their New Work Reading: a new opera with librettist Jacqueline Goldfinger! TWA - Feb 17, 2023!

Thrilled to announce the world premiere of Iridescent Gest, my piece for the mighty Matt Haimovitz at the Israel Conservatory of Music! 

to the long-awaited WORLD PREMIERE of my opera with librettist David Simpatico, THE LIFE AND DEATH(S) OF ALAN TURING!! COT, and director Peter Rothstein and Maestra Lidiya Yankovskaya! March 23 & 25 2023! Tickets here! ALT Tour info here!

Check out my Know Them Now video on YouTube! Thanks, BMI!

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