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Commissioned by soprano Kara Dugan and WQXR

Premiered at The Greene Space, 12.05.2021

text by Christina Kelly
performed by Kara Dugan and Peter Dugan

program notes:

When Kara asked me to contribute a minute-long song for her project that “highlights female perspectives and voices, and spotlights our shared human experience” I loved everything about it, but was sold at “minute-long”. I am a huge fan of the miniature, especially the rigor that goes into presenting a concept while valuing people’s time and energy. (Is my desire to be time-efficient related to my New York-ness?) I was delighted at Christina Kelly’s pithy R.S.V.P., a self-deprecating portrait of a certain personality (mine) that overwhelmingly favors sedentary lethargy over social interaction. It could be an understatement to say that the COVID Pandemic has been extremely difficult, and the stress and anxiety of its lethal effects and an uncertain future have been devastating for everyone. What I’ve needed more than ever in this time is levity, something to lighten the day. Here I present my shortest, most comedic opera.

For a recording, click here


Photo Credit: Justine F. Chen. 



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THANK YOU to the cast and crew of THE LIFE AND DEATH(S) OF ALAN TURING!!  Chicago Tribune  COT Interview Out Chicago
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