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Quarantine B*tch: R.S.V.P. (2021) 1 min.

mezzo-soprano and piano

Commissioned by WQXR and Kara Dugan

Text by Christina Kelly.

To listen and learn more, click here.

To watch, click here

Philomel (2009)  15 min.

soprano and piano


New York Scenes (2006) 25 min.

​baritone and piano (also available for bass and soprano)​

Whilst Alexis Lay Press'd (1997) 3 min.

soprano and piano

Text by John Dryden


Philomel (2010)  15 min.
soprano and septet (fl/picc/alto, bssn, fh, tp B-flat/E-flat/Flugelhorn, vn, vc, db)


Shallow Breath and Stealth (2021) 25 min.

mixed chorus (6S, 6A, 6T, 6B)

written for and commissioned by The Crossing

Text from Jena Osman's Motion Studies.

Premiere: November 21, 2021, Presbyterian Church of Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia, PA.

Radio Premiere: WRTI December 19, 2021

program notes



BRAVA to the ever luminous Jen Zetlan and Nana Shi and their phenomenal performance of PHILOMEL in my old stomping grounds of Brooklyn Heights! Thank you, BASS!

THANKS to Johnathan McCullough and Carol Wong for their charmingly hilarious performance of my Platform Anxiety song! April 13, 2023 -Thanks also to Carnegie Hall, Citywide!

THANK YOU to the cast and crew of THE LIFE AND DEATH(S) OF ALAN TURING!!  Chicago Tribune  COT Interview Out Chicago
What to do in Chicago
Crain's Business
The Economist
Chicago Tribune

BIG CONGRATULATIONS to Maryland Opera Studio for their beautiful performance of TWA - a new opera with librettist Jacqueline Goldfinger!

Check out my Know Them Now video on YouTube! Thanks, BMI!

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