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string sextet


EXCERPT- Solo I: Splat! (01:52)

music by Justine F. Chen
performed live by Concertante


program notes:

six was commissioned by the New York based virtuoso string group, Concertante.  When I was asked to write this piece, the prescription I was given specified the instrumentation (2 violins, 2 violas, 2 cellos), the duration (12-15 minutes), and that it feature each of the players.  Given the sheer virtuosity of this group, and the large number of players (large for a chamber work), my performing forces looked more like a tiny chamber orchestra, comprised of its own favoriti (soloists), than a large chamber group.  In this piece, I tried to negotiate solo virtuosity and group virtuosity.

total duration: 12 minutes





Big Congratulations to Abigail Sinclair and Ria Kim on their stunning Banff performance of PHILOMEL livestreamed on August 14th!!

Stay Tuned for more information on my very 
first film opera! Also, my first collaboration with librettist
Jackie Goldfinger and Maria Sensi-Sellner's Resonance Works!!

Big Thanks and Congratulations to Merola performers Gabrielle Barkidjija and Marika Yasuda on their hilarious performance of "Whilst Alexis" 7.30.21

CONGRATULATIONS to my dear performers, Russell Iceberg and Stephen Joven-Lee performing Testing 1-2-3 at Bowdoin's Gamper Festival! 7/8!

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